i) Women’s Ministry Department – is responsible for the spiritual and all-round development of the women to discover their potentials.

ii) Ushering – The ushers are to be led by a head usher and is responsible for greeting people as they enter and leave the church, seat people at appropriate time, provide bulletins and other materials at the time of seating, attentive to the needs of the congregation and the pastor or speaker during the service. The ushers will make sure the church is clean and attractive before each service. The head usher is responsible for the preparation of the ordinances for the Lord’s Supper.

iii) Music Ministry Department – under the directions of the Director of Music is responsible for teaching music , provide music and musicians for the congregational service and the organisation of the church. This is done by training or assisting choir members to lead, sing and play music, to provide organisation and leadership for special projects of the church; and provide and interpret information regarding the music ministry of the church.

iv) Technical Department – is responsible for setting up and maintaining all technical equipment within the church. The Technical Department shall be responsible for the recording, retention and distribution of church services on audio or video tape.

v) Prayer Ministry Department – is responsible for the spiritual underpinning of the church, by focussing on praying effectively for the development of the church, the ministry and the members.

vi) Education Department

Cell Groups – Cell groups are intended to provide bonding and discipleship to the members. It should be used as a forum to teach effectively in small groups, provides opportunities for questions at a basic level to improve knowledge and understanding of the bible.

Teachers – shall develop Christian resources to assist with spiritual and personal growth of the members, i.e. adult Sunday School Teachers, New Convert class and baptismal class

Children’s department –

Youth Department – is responsible for motivating young people to serve the Lord by serving His people. It is the task of the Youth Department leaders to teach, develop and equip the youth into spiritual maturity.

vii) Evangelism – to make disciples


Section 1 Senior Pastor – the pastor is responsible for leading the church in functioning as a ‘New Testament Church’. The pastor shall be in charge of the spiritual welfare and overseeing the spiritual affair of the  church. The pastor under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is to lead the congregation, the department of  the church officers and any paid staff in performing their tasks. He shall meet and abide by the Pastoral requirement of 1 Timothy 3 verses 1 – 7. He shall be in  charge of all alms of the church and  departments and may call a special meeting of any of these departments whenever required .

The pastor shall conduct services; administer ordinances, ministers to the members of the church and community and perform other duties that usually pertain to the office of the pastor. He shall be in charge of pulpit ministry of the church and shall work in conjunction with the associate pastors, to provide for preachers and workers to assist in programmes and special services and to assign the pulpit when he/she is absent.

The pastor shall give notice of any leave or absence from the pulpit at least two weeks prior to the leaders or as much as practical for such leave.

The pastor shall serve as a moderator of church General Meeting once every quarter. In the absence of the pastor, the elders of the Church  shall preside or in the absence of both the covering of the church  (an Apostle praying other the church) can be called  to put the church in  order .

In the event of inappropriate behaviour that is seen not to be in line with the pastoral requirement and biblical principles, a hearing or disciplinary committee shall be constituted to investigate thoroughly. And appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, i.e. suspension, letter of caution or letter of apology.

The pastor shall be the administrative head of the paid staff.

Section 2 Associate Pastors –They shall assist the senior pastor in leading the church in functioning as a ‘The Body of Christ’. The associate pastor shall in conjunction with the senior pastor, be responsible for the spiritual welfare and overseeing of the church as required.

The associate pastors under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is to work in conjunction with the senior pastor to lead the congregation, the departments the church officers and any paid staff in performing their tasks.

The associate pastors are supposed to perform the duties of the senior pastors in his/here absence. The associate pastors shall meet and abide by the Pastoral requirement of 1 Timothy 3 verses 1 – 7

Section 3 Treasurer – shall design appropriate systems to record all incomes and expenditures. To make sure that all offerings , tithes and church gifts  are banked and that all bills are paid on time.

The treasurer should create avenues of raising funds to support the ministry, and to be investment orientated. and oversee the counting of all finances  collected within the church.

Section 4 Building Committee – is responsible to ensure that health measures are in place, that light fitting and other electrical appliance are checked and maintained.


The notices shall be given in two consecutive weeks to inform members of the quarterly meeting. However, in case of emergency a meeting may be called on shorter notice by notifying regular members.

At the general meetings there will be hearing of reports given by all departmental leaders and submitted to the Board of Trustee.

Quorum the regular members that makes up 5 percent must be  present at any properly convened congregational meeting this will make up the quorum.