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Our emergency efforts and each new humanitarian mission project are first and foremost financed by our own funds; in other words, by donations from people like you. It is the financial support we receive from our donors that enables us to respond as quickly as possible in emergencies, before we can obtain large sums of money from international public bodies.

Donations Lgmit action, and exert a lever effect. Private donations enable us to implement initial emergency responses before obtaining additional funds from our institutional funding partners. They act as a lever. For just £10, we are able to generate 25 from our donors.

  • Become a Water Carrier, and combat water that kills
    Donating by direct debit is a much more efficient way of supporting LGMI on a regular basis, where we can all work together to improve universal access to safe drinking water.
    By becoming a member of our New Water Carriers movement, you’ll be helping our teams to provide victims of war and natural disasters with the means to protect themselves from the dangers of unsafe drinking water.
    Together we can be a source of constant hope


By way of thanks, every year you’ll receive

Your Help Mores quarterly magazine, keeping you up to date with what we’re doing, all our latest news and the progress we’ve made thanks to you.
Our annual accounts – testament to our proper management of your donations and our financial transparency.
Your date-inscribed New Water Carrier card: this shows that you belong to the community of Life Gate Ministries International’s most loyal supporters.
Your own colour association calendar.

Our mission is a long-term concern, and therefore requires regular financial resources. We need you.