1. Requirements for Membership

Those who profess repentance toward God and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ, who has been baptised upon the declaration of his faith, who accepts the doctrine and aims of this church, and willing submits to the authority and leadership of the church, shall be eligible for membership.

2. Procedure in the Reception of New Membership

A person who voluntarily expresses an interest in becoming a member of this church  will go through  membership class The leaders through teaching and discussion with the person will be able to determine what their faith is, whether they have been baptised according to the requirement of the scriptures, as in agreement with the doctrines of the church, must be ready to give their full support to the ministry and submit to its authority.

Persons requesting membership shall be publicly announced and presented to the congregation.

3. Termination of Membership

i) By physical death

 when a member of the church is removed from our midst by death, his name shall automatically be removed from the membership roll.

ii) By Transfer

When a member request for his membership to be transfer to another branch of the church or to another congregation, the leadership  of the church  will provide a letter to the fellowship of another church, if the member is in good standing with the Lord the appropriate letter will be given but if not in good standing with the Lord,  the Leaders may refuse to grant a letter of transfer but the member will be release with prayer

iii) By Exclusion

– A member habitually absenting himself from church meetings without a just cause or ceases to maintain regular contact with the church, or if they are relocated to another area maybe excluded at the discretion of the Leaders.

iv) By excommunication

– According to the teaching of the Holy Scripture a congregation must cut off from its fellowship and visible membership any person who teaches or insists on holding to false and heretical doctrine, who conducts himself in an inconsistent manner to the profession the Christian faith, who constantly disturbs the peace of the church (Matthew 18: 15 – 35). See details in church discipline section.